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Latest news, notices and announcements from Pulborough Angling Society,  to send us your news items, catch reports or items of interest, please email go-fishing@pulboroughas.com or visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/pulboroughanglingsociety.


  2nd December 2017 - Work Party  

Thank you to those who turned out on this cold December morning for the work party at Goose Green namely;

Dudley, Sandy, Allan, Eddie and Barry R now known at the Piscatorial Assassin.

Thank you so much for your hard work today.

I would also at this point like to thank everyone who has supported the club this year by turning out to work parties, not only at Goose, but at Brinsbury College and up the river, your help is greatly appreciated and valued.

Mark Emery (spike)
Fishery Manager



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