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Match Results 2019/2020 Season

Fixture List



Under your Right To Be Informed, all competition entrants are advised that match results are published on our website and Facebook page, if you prefer not to have your name published, please inform the Match Secretary before the match starts so your choice can be recorded.


12 May 2019 - 1st Tom Page Summer League

17 anglers fished the 1st round of the Tom Page summer league at Goose Green, the result was;

1st (peg 28), Nick Dudman, 37-4-0, 9 carp on pole and paste or dead maggots.
2nd (30), Barry Ginnaw, 30-5-0, 5 carp to feeder and pellet and a 14-6-0 carp on pole and catmeat.
3rd, (18), Glenn Riley, 5 carp and 1.5lb skimmer one feeder and pellet.
4th,(6), Mark Dibble, 5 carp and a tench to method and hard pellet.

28 April 2019 - Batchelor Cup

18 anglers fished the Batchelor cup at Goose Green, the result was:

1st ( peg 68), Adam Tester, 30-8-0, 8 carp plus silvers to hard pellet and expanders on pole over pellets.
2nd (62), Alan Maddocks, 21-0-0, 4 carp and slivers to pole and corn/ meat.
3rd (59), Bert Perry, 14-5-0, 3 carp to pole and worm over micros and casters.
4th (63), Mick Booth, 14-4-0, 3 carp to pole and paste.
Top weight on Kingfisher was (44) Bruce Barnett, 13-4-0, 3carp to pole and soft pellet.
Top weight on Tench was (50) Martin Cooper, 5-1-0, 3 crucians plus skimmer and roach to pole and maggots.

14 April 2019 - 1st Military Cup


17 anglers fished the 1st round of the Military cup at Goose Green, the result was;

1st (peg 21), Paul Chatfield, 52-11-0, 11 carp to pole and corn.
2nd (28), Adam Tester, 21-7-0, 2 carp to 14lb and silvers to pole and pellet over micros.
3rd (7), Barry Ginnaw, 18-3-0, 5 to feeder and maggot plus bream to 2lb on pole and maggot.
4th (27) Alan Maddocks, 15-0-0 , 2 carp plus silvers on pole and corn or maggot.