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Work Parties


Latest news, notices and announcements from Pulborough Angling Society,  to send us your news items, catch reports or items of interest, please email go-fishing@pulboroughas.com or visit our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.




  5 August 2020 - Day Tickets  
  Pulborough Angling Society DO NOT offer day tickets for ANY of our waters, fishing is STRICTLY MEMBERS ONLY.  
  5 August 2020 - Guest Tickets  

Guest tickets must be purchased in advance of your proposed days fishing and are valid for one day only.

Guest tickets are not available on the bank.

  26 July 2020 - Match  
  Could anyone who is fishing the interclub v Hassocks next Sunday please let Barry know in advance as it would be helpful for him to sort the pegs.  
  25 July 2020 - Tench Pond Bridge  
  Tench Pond bridge is closed until further notice.  
  24 July 2020 - Gate  
  The lock has been reinstated at Goose Green and the entrance gate is now to be kept closed and locked at all times, i.e. open the gate when you get there, drive through, then close and lock the gate behind you, reverse the process when leaving.  
  13 July 2020 - Excess Bait  
  When packing up to go home after your days fishing, please take all of your excess bait home with you for disposal.  
  13 July 2020 - Night Fishing  

Following a committee meeting this evening, night fishing is now allowed at Goose Green, subject to the following restrictions;

1 - A MAXIMUM stay of 24 hours
2 - Bivies are NOT allowed on pegs 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
3 - You must not block paths and access points with bivies, tackle etc.


Night fishing is limited to a maximum stay of 48 hours on our river sections with immediate effect

  3 July 2020 - Guest Tickets  
  Would members please note that you are allowed ONE guest ticket at a time.  
  25 June 2020 - Night Fishing  
  We remind members that night fishing at Goose Green is currently not permitted and will not be allowed for the foreseeable future - NO EXCEPTIONS!  
  25 June 2020 - Events Cancelled  
  With regret the Junior Match scheduled for Sunday 4th July and the River Try Out Day on the 18th July have both been cancelled.  
  25 June 2020 - Pegs Open  

The following pegs at Goose Green are now open to anglers.

12, 13, 19, 21, 63, 70.

  25 June 2020 - Bivies  

Bivies may not be used on the following pegs at Goose Green.

11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

We also remind anglers that you must not block paths and access points with tackle and equipment, bivies etc, anyone found doing this will be told to move their equipment.

  17 June 2020 - Goose Green Toilet Open  
  The toilet at Goose Green is open from today, bring your own hand sanitiser to minimise the risk of cross infection from the bottles and please leave the toilet in the state you would wish to find it ie; CLEAN!  
  12 June 2020 - Peg Open  

Peg 15 on Heron Pond at Goose Green is now open.

Distancing restrictions are still in place and will be reviewed as and when official advice and guidance allows us to do so.

  6 June 2020 - Postponed Matches  
  To cover the postponed matches I have made the following changes to some matches.

21st June The Ricky Memorial now includes the 1st Military Cup.

28th June The Worthing Herald Cup now includes the 1st Summer league.

19th July 2nd Summer league now includes the Tropicana cup.

4th October 2nd Military cup now includes the McFee plate.


  5 June 2020 - Guest Tickets  
  Guest tickets available once again from 15th June 2020  
  29 May 2020 - Brinsbury College Pond  

Please note that whilst Brinsbury Pond is closed for the statutory close season, it will remain closed after the 16th June due to College Covid-19 restrictions.

  26 May 2020 - Match Fishing  

Match fishing to resume from Thursday 11th June 2020 if feasible, subject to restrictions/distancing regulations.

All enquiries to the Match Secretary.

  25 May 2020 - Lost Top Kit  

Has anybody found a Preston Innovations top kit on Deep Lake over the weekend?

If you have please get in touch so we can reunite the kit with its rightful owner.


  24 May 2020 - Club Rules  

It seems that some members are breaking the rules ie fishing in closed swims, moaning when asked to show their licence or membership.

It is a condition of membership that you MUST follow all club rules, if you flaunt the rules you WILL lose your membership.

You have been warned.

Bailiffs should be treated with respect as they doing a very valuable job and are safeguarding our fisheries.

Closed swims are denoted by a painted white cross and/or red and white tape, there is no excuse.


The Chairman.

  19 May 2020 - Website Migration  

Our website will be moving to a new server at our hosting company in the near future and you may experience some errors during this time.

Our site has been copied to the new server and is currently synchronising and will run side by side for a short time with the existing server, after which time the old server will be turned off.

All being well it should be a seamless transition, but if you do see errors, we are aware and we are working on it.

  13 May 2020 - Membership Applications  

We are currently accepting membership applications, but until such time as the tackle shops are able to reopen and process applications on our behalf, memberships are only being issued by the Membership Secretary, DO NOT GO TO THE TACKLE SHOPS, THEY'RE CLOSED.

There are two choices available, either print off the membership form from the website (http://www.pulboroughas.com/Membership.htm) and post it along with your remittance to the address shown on the form, or you can print the form off, complete it and sign it, (it must be signed, otherwise under GDPR regulations we cannot contact you or send you your membership). Then scan it and email to the Membership Sec, payment can be made via bank transfer, but you must include your full name in the reference field so we can match it up with your application, bank details available on request.

If you do not include your full name in the reference field of the bank transfer we cannot match applications to payments and your membership cannot be processed, even better would be if the reference field allows you enough space to put the first part of your postcode too.

Example of an unacceptable reference field - Mr Smith / T Smith / Smith

Example of an acceptable reference field - Tim Smith or Tim Smith BN14

Please understand that since the news that fishing was able to resume, that we are experiencing a high volume of membership applications as everyone wants to go fishing again, our Membership Secretary is running a household, looking after a family and is a key worker, your membership application will be processed and returned to you as soon as possible.

  11 May 2020 - Goose Green To Open  

Goose Green will reopen on Wednesday 13th May 2020, subject to the below restrictions


  11 May 2020 - Covid-19 Peg Closures  

  10 May 2020 - White Van  
  We are trying to trace the owner of a white Mercedes Sprinter van with the registration KN57 ONC, if this you or if you know who it belongs to please message us via Facebook or email go-fishing@pulboroughas.com  
  2 April 2020 - Shops  

  23 March 2020 - All Waters CLOSED  

  23 March 2020 - All Matches Cancelled  

  21 March 2020 - Swims  

My heartfelt thanks to all who attended the work party at Goose today, the amount of work undertaken was as always astounding.

I'm sorry I didn't make it, but my ongoing health problems put me in the CV19 vulnerable category, I know I'm not the only one who wanted to be there but couldn't make it due to the virus precautions, better safe than sorry.

On behalf of the membership - Thank you all.

Mark Emery (Spike)
Fishery Manager

  20 March 2020 - Coronavirus  
  During these unprecedented times, please follow all official advice regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus), this is:


Everyone should do what they can to stop coronavirus spreading, It is particularly important for people who:

  • are 70 or over
  • have a long-term health condition
  • are pregnant
  • have a weakened immune system

Stay at home if you have either:

  • a high temperature  this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough  this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

You'll need to stay at home if you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or live with someone who does.

Staying at home means you should:

  • not go to work, school or public areas
  • not use public transport or taxis
  • not have visitors, such as friends and family, in your home
  • not go out to buy food or collect medicine order them by phone or online, or ask someone else to drop them off at your home

You can use your garden, if you have one. You can also leave the house to exercise but stay at least 2 metres away from other people.

Whilst our fisheries remain open (except those subject to a statutory close season), we all need to do what we can to help stop the spread of this virus, so in addition to the above official advice, we also require that if you do go for a fish, you separate yourselves from each other, i.e. do not fish two people to a swim, but have at least one swim free between you and the next angler, do not hang around in groups, ie in the car park or crowd around other anglers, they may well be your friends and you may well like a good chin-wag, but just because you may not exhibit the symptoms, it doesn't mean you don't have it or have had it and could by association with others contribute to the spread of the virus.

The ponds will still be there when this crisis is over, please don't be a hero and ignore the official advice just for the sake of going fishing, your health and the health of others is far more important.

We will as always monitor the official advice being given and will act accordingly as circumstances dictate.

Further information from https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ AND https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/self-isolation-advice/

  16 March 2020 - Swims, Blocking Paths  



Please note that whilst you are entitled to fish with more than one rod, you are not entitled to fish more than one swim at a time, you and ALL your tackle must be in one peg.

Just because you have an alarm or baitrunner set, does not give you the right to spread your tackle out in multiple swms, it is also contrary to National Rod Fishing Byelaws, which state;

"When fishing with multiple rods and lines, each rod must be placed close together so that the distance between the butts of the rods does not exceed 3m."

Likewise, if you are fishing and using a bivvy or large shelter, if the swim is too narrow for a bivvy, it does not give you the right to place it over paths and access points and block access for other anglers, find another swim that is better suited to setting up a bivvy.

All paths must be kept clear and enable free access for ALL our members, anybody found blocking paths etc, be it with a bivvy, open faced shelter or even large amounts of tackle, will be asked to move it.

Please remember many of our members have mobility problems and the paths need to be clear and free so EVERYONE can enjoy their fishing, this selfish behaviour of blocking paths by a minority is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.



  12 March 2020 - Coronavirus  

In reply to some questions from members.


At the present time all club events, ie the work party on the 21st March and the match calendar are still going ahead, however the situation will be monitored and if the official guidance changes in respect of this virus, then, we will take their advice and act upon it accordingly.


In line with Government guidelines, we would ask that if you are thinking of attending these events or the fisheries and you are exhibiting signs of an infection, ie cough, temperature, headache, that you STAY AWAY and self isolate for seven days.

  6 March 2020 - Thanks  

Thanks go to Chairman Paul, Allan, Terry & Paul for planting a shed load of trees around the works area of Heron today.

The Alders that we have planted will not only give good bank side cover once they have established, but their roots will help reinforce the ground and facia to the pond, as well as taking up moisture from the immediate area.

Thanks chaps


  17 February 2020 - Match Cancelled  
  The League of Gentlemen match scheduled for Wednesday 19th February 2020, has been cancelled.  
  8 February 2020 - Work Party Thanks  
  My thanks to everyone who turned out for the working party at Goose Green earlier today, namely Allan, Ant, Dudley, Terry, Paul, Barry, Matt & Eddie .

Lots of rubbish cleared and burned as well as a few other tasks undertaken by the few to help maintain your fishery.

We have some big working parties coming up (when the weather hopefully turns for the better and dries things out a bit), where we will be addressing the paths that were damaged during the emergency works on Heron Pond in the autumn.

Thanks lads


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