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Work Parties


Latest news, notices and announcements from Pulborough Angling Society,  to send us your news items, catch reports or items of interest, please email go-fishing@pulboroughas.com or visit our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.




  October 2019 - Rescheduled Lake & Swim Closures  

Lake & swim closures for essential maintenance and repair work.

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October - Heron Pond & Canada Pond - Closed in their entirety all weekend. Work starts 8am.


Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October - Heron Pond & Canada Pond - Closed in their entirety all weekend. Work starts 8am.

Heron & Canada Ponds are CLOSED all weekend, anyone found fishing these ponds will be asked to move, access to Heron & Canada ponds will be strictly limited to those who are involved in the works.

There will be heavy plant machinery moving around these ponds all weekend, the last thing we need is people causing a hazard to us and themselves by getting in the way, If you are not directly involved with the works, please stay away.

From close of works today (20-10-2019) pegs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15 are CLOSED until April 2020 to allow the area to recover and regenerate after the extensive ground works that have been undertaken, in addition we have closed 22, 23 & 24 for a short period to allow the ground to recover following the work of the 26th & 27th October.


No other work parties will be taking place alongside the planned works and all other ponds at Goose Green remain open to anglers.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding whilst these essential works are undertaken.

  9th December 2019 - Social Media & Emails  

Once again we must remind people posting to our social media that foul language or promoting illegal acts will not be tolerated and your post will be deleted and you will be banned from our social media.

In addition, if you are sending an email to the club, please ensure you type in a subject line, emails received without a subject are automatically deleted and are never seen.

  16th November 2019 - Goose Green Tree Planting  
  My thanks to everyone who turned out today for the tree planting at Goose Green.

The hedge line should look amazing in a few years time with lots of spring blossom from the Blackthorn, Hazel, Elder, Rowan, Crab Apple and Rose , followed later in the year by glorious Autumn foliage and fruits for the animals and birds.

If you missed today's tree planting, we have another planting day in early spring, you are more than welcome to join us.

Thanks again.

Mark Emery (Spike)
Fishery Manager
  29th October 2019 - Goose Green Works  

The Chairman & I, would like to express our personal thanks to all whom were involved with stage 1 of the recent ground works at Goose Green.

Thank you

Mark Emery - Fishery Manager

  29th October 2019 - Christmas Match  
  If you wish to fish the Christmas match, please ensure you book in with Barry asap, bookings now being taken, please book by the end of November.  
  21th October 2019 - Structural Work Party  

The structural work party that was scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd 2019 at Goose Green has been cancelled, all ponds will be open to anglers, with the exception of previously noted and published peg closures (1 - 16 inclusive).

The next planned work party will be tree planting along our boundary in Peacocks Lane, at the current time no date has been set as all we know for a delivery date for the trees is they will be here anytime between now and the 23rd November.

Further details to follow when known, we will give as much notice as we can for the planting, but it may be called at very short notice, nothing we can do about that we are afraid, as the delivery is out of our control.

  20th October 2019 - Heron Pond Swim Closures  

From close of works today (20-10-2019) pegs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 are CLOSED until April 2020 to allow the area to recover and regenerate after the extensive ground works that have been undertaken.

Anyone found fishing these pegs or in the closed off area during the closure WILL be asked to move.

  10th October 2019 - Heron Pond  

Please be advised that the planned work that was due to take place on Heron Pond at Goose Green this weekend has been cancelled on safety grounds.

We will rearrange for a later date and advise when the new work dates are known.

All ponds at Goose Green are therefore open to anglers this weekend.


  8th October 2019 - Pond & Peg Closures  

This weekend (12th & 13th October 2019) sees the start of the bank repairs on Heron Pond at Goose Green.

Heron & Canada Ponds are CLOSED all weekend, anyone found fishing these ponds will be asked to move.

Access to Heron & Canada ponds will be limited to those who are directly involved in the works.

There will be plant machinery moving around these ponds all weekend, the last thing we need is people causing a hazard to us and themselves by getting in the way.

If you are not directly involved with the works, please stay away.

From close of works on Sunday night (13-10-2019) pegs 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 are CLOSED until 1 April 2020 to allow the area to recover and regenerate over Winter and into early Spring, again, anyone found fishing these pegs or in the closed off area during the closure WILL be asked to move.

  7th October 2019 - Parking at Goose Green  


If visiting Goose Green on Tuesday 8th October, please can you park on the Kingfisher Pond side of the car park, we have a large delivery arriving during the day and need access to the Wildlife Pond side of the car park so a forklift can operate.

Thank you.

  20th September 2019 - Heron Pond Work Party  

Would members please note that the work party scheduled to take place on 28 & 29 September on Heron Pond at Goose Green has been postponed, next scheduled work party is the 12th & 13th of October.

Additional dates will be added shortly

  12th September 2019 - Members Survey  
  Please spare a few moments of your time to answer our 2019 Members Survey, click the link below to view & complete.

Pulborough AS 2019 Members Survey

  12th September 2019 - Work Party  
  A big thank you to our band of volunteers who worked incredibly hard today preparing the banks on Heron Pond at Goose Green in preparation for the planned maintenance and repair works in a few weeks time.  
  31st August 2019 - Work Party  

Many thanks to our dedicated band of volunteers who turned out for today's work party at Goose Green, the place looks amazing thanks to your hard work, it's appreciated.

Spike - Fishery Manager.

  28th August 2019 - Peg Closure  
  Peg 11, Heron Pond at Goose Green closed until further notice on safety grounds.  
  20th August 2019 - Close season retained following public consultation  

The decision follows a detailed review of the evidence and responses provided to a public consultation which indicate that removing the close season would pose a risk to coarse fish in some locations.

The close season for coarse fishing on rivers was introduced in 1878 and is in force from 15 March to 15 June. It aims to reduce risks to spawning fish caused by angling.

The review also showed that amending the start and end dates of the close season would increase protection for some fish that spawn later but would increase risks for those that spawn early.

Support among anglers for retaining a close season and removing it is finely balanced. The 8 week public consultation received 13,680 responses with 38.8% of anglers supporting retaining the current close season; 9.2% support retaining a close season, but changing the dates to 15 April to 30 June; and 49.8% support removing the close season altogether. 2.2% were undecided or didn’t respond.

The responders were invited to provide evidence to support their view and the Environment Agency has assessed that evidence, alongside other considerations, and determined that there is not a case for changing the current close season.

In addition to the evidence supplied through the consultation, the experience of the Environment Agency’s own fish farm at Calverton has shown that some species, notably Chub and Barbel, form large spawning aggregations that can be very sensitive to disturbance. Where disturbed, spawning females may reabsorb their eggs and defer spawning to the following season rather than spawning elsewhere or later.

Kevin Austin, Deputy Director of Fisheries at the Environment Agency said:

“We are really grateful to the people who took the time to respond to the consultation. We have analysed the many comments from the 13,680 responses to understand the evidence and opinions around the close season. Given the limited further evidence on risks to coarse and other fish stocks, we have decided to retain the close season.”

“We would also like to thank the joint Angling Trust/Institute of Fisheries Management study group for its work to collate, analyse and interpret the available evidence on the close season. This enabled an informed public debate. While the group concluded a more risk-based approach may be possible, our priority is to find the right balance between angling and protecting fish stocks. The current close season is risk-based and maintains protection for the majority of coarse fish.

“We recognise that some anglers will be disappointed in this outcome, while others will welcome it. This reflects a shared passion for fishing.

“We will continue, working with partners, to consider any new information on the close season as and when it becomes available.”

Original article here https://www.gov.uk/government/news/close-season-retained-following-public-consultation

  3rd August 2019 -  Thank You  

A massive thank you to the band of volunteers who worked incredibly hard today at Goose Green, we couldn't do it without you.


  26 July 2019 -  Goose Green Work Party 27 July 2019  

To answer a couple of calls/messages i've received this morning about tomorrows work party at Goose Green.

The weather forecast is changing by the half hour and we now have a weather warning of heavy rain in place as of 9am tomorrow across the whole of West Sussex.

Rather than say yay or nay,  im going to suggest that participants use their own best judgement/common sense tomorrow morning, if its raining i would suggest staying at home, if its fine and dry, we will see you there.

IF, the work party does not proceed, it will be rescheduled for Saturday 3rd August, starting 9am.


  15 July 2019 -  Interclub Match vs. Hassocks  
  Please note, the Interclub v Hassocks and Tom Barber match will be fished on the 4th August and not 28th July as in the fixture list.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

  1 July 2019 -  Junior Match  
  The Junior Match due to be held at Goose Green this coming Saturday (6 July) has been cancelled.  
  29 June 2019 -  Keepnets  

Due to the warm weather and subsequent reduced Do2 levels in the ponds, we have taken the decision to temporarily ban the use of keepnets/carp sacks on all club lakes & ponds with immediate effect.

Keepnets may still used in bona fide club matches as detailed on the fixture list, if it's not on the fixture list, the answer is "no you can't".

The situation will be monitored over the coming weeks and addressed accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding

Mark Emery (Spike)
Goose Green Fishery Manager

  10 June 2019 -  Membership Cards  
  Would all members please ensure that they are carrying their PAS membership card & rod licence with them at all times whilst fishing PAS waters.  
  8 June 2019 -  Centenary Fun day Photos  
  Photographs from our centenary fun day are available to view on our Facebook page and Instagram account, you do not need to be a member of either to view.

Instagram - Centenary Fun Day Photos

Facebook - Centenary Funday Photos

  4 June 2019 -  Stretham Bridge Access  
  *** Gate Access Stretham Bridge ***

Access to Stretham Bridge on the Adur is now controlled by an electronic gate and has limited opening times of 8am to 6pm, before 8am you will be denied entry and after 6pm if you have not left, you will be locked in.

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm, access by pressing the THIRD ROUND BUTTON FROM THE TOP.

Sat & Sun, access 8am - 6pm, the gate WILL NOT open by pressing the button, if you require access, please call the Head Bailiff who will open the gate for you remotely, you will need to be at the gate and you will be asked for your name & membership number.
  3 June 2019 -  Thank You  

  1 June 2019 -  Goose Green Work Party  
  Great be back up the ponds today at the work party.

A huge amount of work was undertaken, land drains installed, paths regraded and topped, slopes redressed , grass cut, swims tidied to name but a few things that were achieved.

My thanks go to Chairman Paul, Paul H, Gail, Charlie, Tim, Allan, Terry, Steve, Barry R, Sandy, Eddie, Graham, Simon, Glen R, Paul and special thanks to Digger Driver Paul for all his help and wealth of experience today, you all worked incredibly hard in the heat and I cannot thank you all enough for your work today.

The next work party is being held on 2 June 2019 at Greatham Bridge, starting at 9 am, hope to see you there.

Mark aka Spike
Fishery Manager
  21 May 2019 -  Help Needed  
  *** WANTED ***

We are looking for 3 - 4 members who would be willing to act as car parking marshalls at the forthcoming Fun Day on June 8th, if you can help please get in touch with Gail Holden via the pulboroughsec@gmail.com email address.

  21 May 2019 -  Litter  

Take your rubbish home with you, this includes discarded lines and tackle, which is not only littering and contrary to our rules, but also serves as a massive hazard to wildlife.

A length of line was collected today by peg 11 on Heron Pond at Goose Green, approx 50m in length and around 10lb breaking strain that had just been left loose on the ground.

May we remind you of our rules, littering is not acceptable in any form and could result in the loss of your membership.

We don't have many rules, but those we do have are fairly simple to follow, if you find you cannot abide by our rules, then please find another club because litter louts are not welcome at Pulborough AS.
  16 May 2019 -  Mini Match  

Centenary-Social Fishing Day - Mini Match.

I will be running a mini match as part of this event. The draw will be at 8am, fish 9-12am. Contact me on 07913908512 to book and for details.

Barry Ginnaw

  9 May 2019 -  Goose Green Work Party  

  4 May 2019 -  Goose Green Work Party  

My thanks to everyone who turned out for today's work party at Goose Green, namely;

Eddie, Allan, Ian, Terry, Dudley, Nick, Barry R, Ant, Tim, Paul, Mike and Lee.

The work you undertook today looks amazing and will certainly alleviate some of the muddier areas next winter.

Thanks again for all your hard work, I and im certain, our members, really appreciate your efforts on their behalf.

Next work party has been arranged for Saturday 1st June at Goose Green where we will be giving the place a last minute spruce up ready for the Social day the following weekend.


  6 April 2019 -  Goose Green Work Party  

Our thanks to everyone who turned out for today's work party at Goose Green, namely;

Ant, Allan, Ian, Terry, Mark T, Graham S, Glen, Tim, Doug, Barry R, Dudley and Eddie.

Sorry i couldn't make it today, had every intention of being there, but was too unwell to attend im afraid.


  21 March 2019 -  Drone Photos  
  Drone photos taken at Goose Green earlier this week by Mat French, click on this link to view

  21 March 2019 -  Goose Green Closed  
  Please note Goose Green will be closed to anglers all day on Thursday 28th March 2019.  
  4 March 2019 -  Chairman  

Club Chairman, Steve Moulding, resigned from his position at the AGM after 8 years in the role.

The committee and members wish to thank Steve for his work and dedication over the past 8 years as chairman and also the work he has done with the juniors over the years.

Paul Hazeldine was elected at the AGM as Chairman.

  4 March 2019 -  Rain Shelter  

Visitors to Goose Green over the past week will not have failed to notice the construction of a new rain shelter in the car park.

We would like to thank Paul Holden for donating his time, labour and expertise to the club in constructing the shelter.

  3 March 2019 -  YouTube Channel  

We have set up a YouTube account, its very much in it's infancy at the moment, but over time as we add video's it will hopefully turn into a powerful resource about our fisheries.


  21 February 2019 -  *** Lost ***  

***UPDATE 22 Feb 2019***

Net found and owner contacted, our thanks to Paul Holden who found it this morning.

*** LOST ***

Landing net head lost at Goose Green today in the car park by Tench Pond path.

Should anyone find this, please get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with the rightful owner.


  19 February 2019 -  Kingfisher Netting  

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the netting of Kingfisher Pond at Goose Green earlier today.

For the record the following fish have been transferred from Kingfisher Pond as follows;

6 Carp for 26-15-0 transferred to Heron Pond
Roach - 40-15-0 transferred to New Pond
Skimmers - 32-11-0 transferred to New Pond
Perch - 1 x14oz + 6 0z of small Perch to New Pond

All other fish caught were returned to Kingfisher Pond.

The ponds will be monitored over the coming months, so a factual, scientific conclusion to the study can be reached.

We would like to express special thanks to the Environment Agency for all their hard work, advice and professionalism.

Photo's of the netting to follow shortly.

Mark Emery (Spike)
Fishery Manager

  12 February 2019 -  Braid  

From 1st April 2019, braided lines, both reel and hook lengths, are banned at Goose Green.

  7 February 2019 -  Rivers Closed Season Consultation.  

Your chance to have your say about the future of the close season on Rivers. Consultation closes on 11th March 2019.


  5 February 2019 -  Unauthorised Tree Cutting  

May we remind members that per our rules you ARE NOT PERMITTED to cut down any trees or vegetation and to do so risks you losing your membership, today we found a number of trees between pegs 18 - 21 that have been cut very recently and left with high stumps.

We will not let all the hard work of our volunteers who work tirelessly to keep the fishery looking nice to be destroyed by a few idiots who feel the rules do not apply to them, well to these idiots we simply say the rules DO apply to you and they will be enforced, we therefore suggest that you read & inwardly digest them.

If our rules are too difficult for you or you feel they do not apply to you, then with respect, we suggest you find an alternative angling club to join as we do not vandals and litter louts in our club.

  2 February 2019 -  Work Party  

An excellent turn out for the work party at Goose Green today, i had hoped to attend for a short while today, but unfortunately my health situation decided otherwise.

My personal thanks go to the following members for helping to maintain the fishery;

Ant, Allan, Eddie (also for the photo's), Barry R, Paul, Terry, Mike R, Dudley, Ian, Charles, Lewis & Martin.

By all accounts an incredible amount of work was undertaken by those involved, further work parties are planned for the not too distant future, please keep an eye on the club website, Facebook page and of course the huge blue notice board on the container that you can't fail to miss.

Spike - Fishery Manager

  27 January 2019 -  Membership Renewal Data Protection  


You will have by now or will shortly receive your newsletter and membership renewal reminder.

When sending in your completed membership application, would you please ensure that you have completed the data protection (GDPR) section of the application, this is vitally important if you wish to receive club communications, if we do not receive your signed consent, you wont get a newsletter/membership reminder next year.

If you do not receive a newsletter from us, this is most likely because you didn't complete the GDPR section of your membership application last year giving us your permission to send you club communications.

  24 January 2019 -  Twitter  

We are pleased to advise that we have opened a twitter account, you can follow us here  https://twitter.com/pasfishing and/or tweet us on @pasfishing

  23  November 2018 -  Stretham Access  
  Please note, that as from Monday 26th November 2018 the gate at Stretham Bridge on the River Adur will change to an electronic locking system, access is limited to between 8am and 5pm daily, if you arrive before 8am you wont be able to get in and if you are there after 5pm you will be locked in.  
  6  November 2018  

Following last evenings committee meeting, we are pleased to announce the winner of our logo competition that we launched earlier this year, where we asked you to redesign our logo with next years centenary in mind.

The winning entry comes from Paul & David Hazeldine and will be incorporated into our website, Facebook page, membership cards etc in time for our centenary membership year in 2019.

Thanks to all who entered.


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