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Water Bailiffs



Bailiffs patrol all of our fisheries at random times, both day and night.  When approached by a bailiff, you will be asked to produce your membership book, all of our bailiffs have an intimate knowledge of the waters, and know what methods are currently producing the best results, our bailiffs are very approachable and are more than willing to offer advice if required.

It may be that the Bailiff knows the person(s) fishing, however they will still be asked to produce their documents so that others on the fishery see the bailiff to acting in a fair and reasonable manner.

Any members found to be in contravention of fishery rules may be reported to the committee, Illegal fishing by non members may lead to prosecution.



  Paul Hazeldine - Head Bailiff Mick Booth Mark Emery (Spike)  
  Steve Moulding Barry Ginnaw Marc Ginnaw  
  Jon Ravenhall Simon Parker Glen Babcock  
  Dave Tomkins Paul Holden Alan Graham  
  Steve Langley Phillip Goodwin (Duncans Pond) Martin Capper (River Adur)  

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