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Frequently Asked Questions



Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we have received regarding Covid-19 and the opening of our waters since we were allowed to resume fishing, this page will be updated as further common questions are asked.



Q: How do i join?

A: Either print off the membership form from the website (http://www.pulboroughas.com/Membership.htm)
or save the image file on our Facebook page . Complete the form and post it along with your remittance to the address
 shown on the form, or you can print the form off, complete it and sign it, (it must be signed, otherwise under GDPR
regulations we cannot contact you or send you your membership). Then scan it and email to the Membership Sec,
payment can be made via bank transfer, but you must include your full name in the reference field so we can match
it up with your application, bank details available on request.

You can also join at the local tackle shops, subject to social distancing regulations.


Q: Are your waters open?

A: Yes


Q: Are there any restrictions in place for waters that are open?

A: Yes, as below, these rules will be STRICTLY enforced, all normal club rules remain in effect

Strict 2m Social Distancing To Be Maintained AT ALL TIMES

NO Fishing From Closed Pegs

NO Keepnets

Park In The Same Orientation


Q: I heard some pegs are closed, is this true?

A: Yes, some pegs are closed at Goose Green and are marked with a painted white cross and/or red and white tape.


Q: When are you opening the rivers?

A: The rivers are open


Q: Can i fish Brinsbury Pond?

A: No, Brinsbury Pond remains closed,


Q: Can i night fish?

A: Yes, subject to restrictions, please see our news page for details.


Q: Can i use a keepnet?

A: No.


Q: Can my mate and i share the same peg?

A: No, you must maintain strict social distancing measures, the only people who may share a peg are those
 that live together in the same house, all of the time, i.e. members of the same family.


Q: Is the toilet open?

A: Yes


Q: When is the next work party?

A: There will be no work parties until such time as the restrictions on organised groups have been lifted by HM Govt.




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