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Water Quality Monitoring

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Here at Pulborough Angling Society, we are committed to protecting our natural environment and fish habitats, and one of the initiatives we have adopted is testing the quality of the water within our lakes and rivers, to enable us to identify any issues that may affect all life living within the water.

At Goose Green, the Fishery Management Team test all of the lakes once a month for the presence of Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites, whilst also recording the PH value to check the acidity or alkalinity of the water. At least three times a week testing is also undertaken for Oxygen saturation and water temperature. All these tests are necessary to identify any problems that may affect any of the aquatic life within the lakes, especially our fish, and enable the Management Team to intervene to rectify any problems.

In June 2022 the River Arun was in a very poor condition and following independent testing this showed that the river was carrying sewage pollution, a Brown Algal bloom and was low in Oxygen. These issues delayed the growth of the aquatic weed beds and we are still unsure of how this effected the invertebrate life and the fish spawning season. Following this news, Pulborough Angling Society decided to participate in the Water Quality Monitoring Network promoted by the angling Trust. Home - Angling Trust . We purchased a Water Testing kit at a cost of £130 and with the help of a club member volunteer, James, we started testing three sites on the River Arun catchment last year.

We test at Stopham, our highest upstream section and at Greatham Bridge, our lowest downstream section, whilst testing the River Rother just before it enters the River Arun. Testing at these specific sites should enable us to narrow down the source location of any potential pollution incidents. All testing results are recorded on a national database overseen by the Angling Trust, who will analyse the data collected and inform the relevant authority should a serious pollution incident become evident.  


The testing kit that is used on the rivers contains a Consumables Pack that allows us to test the three testing sites for ten months, before another pack needs to be purchased at a cost of £30. Following communications with other river users and guardians, we have obtained partner support and recurring annual donations from four parties to help cover these costs. So we are delighted to thank, Pulborough Parish Council, Fluid Adventures, RSPB Pulborough Brooks, and Pulborough Paddles for their support.

If any other organisations would be interested in joining us in this initiative, please contact us.

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