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Our Lakes

Six of the Society's seven lakes are situated at our Goose Green complex near Ashington, West Sussex.  

These lakes, which offer in excess of 75 pegs, are owned by the Society and vary in size and depth and offer superb pleasure and match fishing in an open woodland environment that contains many different species of birds, from Blue, Great & Long Tailed Tits, Tree Creepers and Nightingales to Buzzards soaring overhead.

We have undertaken extensive renovation work at Goose Green in recent years and all bar two of the lakes have now been enlarged and deepened.


Recent works have included adding aerators to the lakes to improve oxygen levels and water quality. To help maintain this quality, please be cautious with levels of feed put in, and always take home unused bait rather than throwing it in the water.

As part of the works program undertaken, the areas surrounding the lakes have been landscaped and  replanted with hundreds of native tree species, the pathways around the lakes have also been improved, there are no steps at this fishery and access to the lakes is via landscaped slopes, which were designed with considerable input from our less able bodied members.

The car park is adjacent to five of the six lakes and offers ease of access, especially for our disabled members.

Goose Green

Goose Green

Brinsbury College

Closed Season: 15th March to 15th June inclusive

A small, approx half acre pond with depths ranging between 2-3 ft with reed lined banks, fish holding weed beds and lots of bank side cover, the pond although small offers our members a slightly more traditional, dare we say Mr Crabtree, type of environment. The pond is stocked with mixed species including Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach & Rudd and responds well to float fished baits such as maggot & bread. This is the only Pulborough stillwater that contains Pike. This pond is located within the Brinsbury College Campus and as such a number of fishery specific rules apply, these can be found in your membership book, please make sure you are conversant with them before fishing. This fishery is closed during the statutory close season.

College Term Dates

Please ensure you pay for parking to avoid a fine.

Full details can be found here.

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